Food Provisions

Each Ancient Roman soldier ate about one third of a ton of grain a year. The army also had a nice supply of biscuits, sour wine, and bacon. When they were on their enemies’ land for war, they brought cattle with them for an extra supply of meat. If the food ever ran out, the army would take food from others. From all of the soldiers’ letters, there had been no complaints about the food.

Today, modern soldiers have MRE, meals ready to eat, meals because they last longer. They have developed into the main rations for soldiers. Over time, metal cans evolved into plastic that can easily protect the food. Both food choices and quality of the food has drastically improved. They are durable for up to years and can be used easily by soldiers. The foods include: dried fruits, nuts, powdered drinks, snacks, and a ready to eat meal.

To me, the Ancient Romans’ food was better because it was more fresh and less processed. However, it wasn’t that durable. Hence, although the food today is durable, and there are more food choices today, I’d rather eat less processed food and eat what the Ancient Roman soldiers ate. What would you do?