Trans by Jansport


In Latin, the word trans can mean across, on the opposite side, or beyond. JanSport has a backpack that fits all three definitions. Their line of backpacks are called Trans by JanSport. It is a backpack meant for anything and everything, according to JanSport. You can take it to class or even use it for camping! If you fit the Latin definition, you could say you can take this backpack beyond your classroom. You could also say you can take it across the world because of its durability. Basically, this backpack can be used for normal everyday things, such as school, or unique opportunities, like winter sports or any outdoors activity.  Currently, most retailers sell this backpack for around thirty dollars. That’s on the opposite side  of what most outdoor backpacks retail for, it’s half the price! You can get your Trans by JanSport backpack online, at JanSport’s official website or Amazon, or in Target or other stores.


Amazon’s Product Description