What is DaVita Inc.?

I have two close friends, and their mom works full time. My friends’ mom works for a company called DaVita Inc. Whenever I visit their house, I notice things like DaVita caps and DaVita bags. This made me realize that DaVita is a big company, seeing how there’s caps, bags, magnets, bottles, and other things to represent that company. But, this got me wondering; what is DaVita Inc? From it’s name, I can guess that it’s some type of health company. Vita, in Latin, means life. The dictionary form of it is: vita, vitae f. (1st declension). After looking up DaVita on Google, I found out that it is a company that provides treatment and helps patients with kidney failure. According to health statistics, approximately 661,000 Americans have kidney failure, which is a health problem. This makes DaVita known as a company that provides health services. Thanks to my knowledge of Latin vocabulary, I already had a vague idea of the company before researching it further.