Semper Fi

Today, in the afternoon, I was in the car, sitting next to my mom, who was driving us both home. We were on the highway. Most highways have billboards up, so people, companies, and/or organizations can advertise what they want to sell or promote. The highway we were on was no different. When we passed a billboard, I glanced at the advertisement. It was advertising the US Marine Corps by having a young man, wearing a Marines uniform, stand in front of the United States flag. Above him was the caption “Semper Fi”. This immediately caused me to start thinking about what “Semper Fi” meant because I already knew that Semper is an adverb in Latin, and the definition of it is ‘always’. After Googling ‘what is semper fi’, I found out that Fi is short for fidelis. It was easy to piece the meaning together after finding that little piece of information. Fidelis means loyal and/or loyalty, in Latin, like fidelity. This means that the motto of the US Marines Corps must mean “Always Loyal”! Because of my Latin knowledge, this took two seconds to figure out, instead of remaining confused about its meaning.