Mean Girls

Mean Girls is a movie that released in 2004, but it is still well-known by teenagers today. In fact, most teenage girls, including me, have lines from the movie memorized. However, what most people, who’ve watched this movie, don’t realize is that there are a lot of hidden references. The most obvious one, and my personal favorite, is that the queen bee is named Regina George. Regina is a first declension, feminine noun in Latin; its definition is ‘queen’. Coincidence? I think not. Also, there is a scene (one of my all time favorites in the movie) where Regina George’s sidekick, Gretchen Wieners, has a mental outburst, and compares herself and Regina to Brutus and Caesar (Caesar being Regina and Brutus being Gretchen). Julius Caesar was assassinated by many Ancient Roman senators, but it was Brutus who helped lure Caesar to his death. Brutus, at first, didn’t want to help the senators and join the conspiracy, but eventually broke down and gave in to them. In the scene, Gretchen questions why she can’t be as popular or influential as Regina because they’re exactly the same. The only exception is that Gretchen lacks the confidence Regina has. This can easily be related into Ancient Roman politics; the more persuasive and confident you were, the more power you had.