Bioderma Laboratories is pharmaceutical company that specializes in skin care, as well as other things related to that. It was founded in 1977 and is worth around 280 million dollars today. Bioderma is also a French company! In Latin, the word bioticus means “used in common life” and “practical” (Mahoney)¹. Bio is also Greek for human life. That’s what biology is: the study of human life. Derma, the second part of Bioderma, means skin in Greek. So, when you put the two words together, Bioderma means ‘skin (care) used in daily life’. Think that’s the only connection? Try again.

Bioderma has a line of products, also known as Hydrabio, which was created to treat people with dehydrated sensitive skin. The word Hydra is Latin for water-serpent. Hydrabio gently removes dirt and makeup while simultaneously hydrating skin. It has an Aquagenium patent, which applies to every Hydrabio product. Aquagenium helps the skin moisturize by producing aquaporins. Aquaporins channel water into the skin and balances the amount of water particles. Oh and by the way, aqua is Latin for water. Mindblown yet? That’s it for today, so have a good rest of your Monday night, folks!

¹Kevin Mahoney is the person credited on Lat-Dict

Sleeping on a Somnus

Somnus is a British luxury brand for beds. Somnus was created in 1840 and has been crafting handmade beds since. The word for sleep, in Latin, is somnus, somni. And what do you do on beds? You sleep on them. Boom, there’s your Latin connection. But what if instead of sleeping, you pull an all nighter? It’s highly likely that you’ll get hungry at some point throughout the night. And if you do, there’s a cookie shop called Insomnia Cookies that stays open until three am. Check out my post about it here!

What is DaVita Inc.?

I have two close friends, and their mom works full time. My friends’ mom works for a company called DaVita Inc. Whenever I visit their house, I notice things like DaVita caps and DaVita bags. This made me realize that DaVita is a big company, seeing how there’s caps, bags, magnets, bottles, and other things to represent that company. But, this got me wondering; what is DaVita Inc? From it’s name, I can guess that it’s some type of health company. Vita, in Latin, means life. The dictionary form of it is: vita, vitae f. (1st declension). After looking up DaVita on Google, I found out that it is a company that provides treatment and helps patients with kidney failure. According to health statistics, approximately 661,000 Americans have kidney failure, which is a health problem. This makes DaVita known as a company that provides health services. Thanks to my knowledge of Latin vocabulary, I already had a vague idea of the company before researching it further.

Venus Razors

In Ancient Rome, Venus was the goddess of beauty, love, and more. She was the Roman counterpart to the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Gillette has a brand called Venus, which are razors for women. There’s a lot of different types of razors they sell, but basically, it’s meant for your personal hygiene. This ties in with your beauty, and who’s the goddess of that again? Venus. Who would’ve thought that a product used today, by women, would loop and made a connection back to Ancient Rome?