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Diem is a lifestyle brand that was created in 2013 by Phil The Mayor and Michael Nicholas. Its motto, which is Does It Even Matter, is meant to reference Carpe Diem, a phrase infamous for its mistranslation of Seize the Day. Diem promotes living for the little things, like going for a run during the sunset or doing silly things with your friends and being fully engaged in it, instead of worrying about the future. However, as Marsilio puts it, without the full phrase, the philosophical meaning behind Carpe Diem is taken away. Horace wrote “carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero”, which is translated as “pluck the day, put very little trust in tomorrow.” I found this interesting because the misconception of carpe diem is “enjoy today and tomorrow will be better”, whereas the actual denotation is meant to be to virtually get everything done today because tomorrow is uncertain.

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Drink Hydra from Hydro Flask

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If you make your way down to a high school on the Northeast Coast of the United States, you will stumble upon a new popular trend: Hydro Flask bottles covered with memes from The Office and cheesy quotes about persistence, all bought from RedBubble. Although aesthetic-looking, the bottles dent quite easily. This is widely disappointing because Hydro Flask bottles retail for $39.95 each. However, that is a well-known fact that most people choose to ignore. One factoid not many people know is that Hydra is Latin for water-serpent. Besides that? Hydraulus is Latin for water organ, or a pipe organ powered by water. The similarity? Both words have a prefix of hydra- and have something do with water. Hydro Flask can also be known as a flask where you carry/drink water from. Coincidence? I think not.

This Is How Latin Influenced Gaming

The Sony PlayStation Vita is a hand-held gaming device. According to Amazon, the PS Vita offers a “more immersive gaming experience”, where the player can play from anywhere, ranging from their couch to a restaurant. What’s this got to do with Latin? Well, the word vita is a Latin word which means life, career, and/or livelihood. Basically, you, or anyone else, can play on the PS Vita anywhere, at any moment of your daily life. And, did you know that video gaming can actually be like a career, if you get enough followers willing donate money to you? If you made your video gaming hobby into a career, I’d have to call that your source of income for your livelihood.


Luminara Candles

Recently, I’ve taken up a challenge for this winter season: invest no money into a product (or an idea, company, etc) and profit from it. The reason why I have taken this project up is because my main interests include social entrepreneurship as well as helping others. I’m working with my school’s Director of Security on this project, and we are donating all of our profits to an organization that gives gifts to impoverished families. Fortunately, my mentor has a friend who works with QVC. QVC sells home products, as well as luxury products for homes. Luckily for us, QVC overestimated the amount of Luminara candles that would be sold in their stores. Because of this, they need to liquidate their inventory of Luminara candles; this means that anyone who has access to the candles can buy them for a cheaper price than the initial retail price. Luminara candles are electronic candles that can be controlled with a remote and give off an authentic vibe; they look as if they’re flickering. And, to top that all off, these candles were designed by Disney to use in their Haunted Mansion because real candles bring the risk of burning the attraction down. Luminara sells their candles in both different colors and different sizes. The prices for these candles can range from twenty to fifty dollars. So yeah, that’s one of the projects that I have taken up, and if it goes well, we’ll have been able to donate at least 2,100 (US) dollars to that charity. How does all of this relate to Latin and the rest of my blog? Basically, the word lux, lucis in Latin means light. Because of that, I can make an educated guess and guess that Luminara comes from the word illuminate, which means to “make lucid; throw light on” (Dictionary.com). The word illuminate comes from luminatus, which comes from the verb luminare. And where does luminare come from? Luminare comes from the Latin noun for light, which is lux, lucis (as discussed earlier). And boom, there’s a connection from Latin straight to my life right now.


Volvo is a Swedish car company that has something in common with the car brand Audi: both of their names come from Latin. Like I said in my previous blog post, Audi comes from the founder’s last name, Horch, which means “listen”. Volvo’s founders, Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson, wanted a name that was easy to say and spell. They settled on the word Latin word volvere, which means “to roll” in Latin. They settled on “I roll” (volvo) because the Swedish car was initially created to build cars that could survive the conditions of both the harsh weather and roads.


Audi is a German luxury car brand and is a member of the Volkswagen Group. Both Audi and Porsche convertibles are my dream cars. The company name, Audi, comes from the Latin translation of the founder’s last name. August Horch, the founder, was German, so his last name therefore was German and meant “listen”. In Latin, the verb “to listen” is audio, audire, audivi, auditus, a, um. Hence, Horch becomes Audi in Latin.


I have written about a line of backpacks from Jansport before, but I have not written about Jansport itself yet. Click here if you want to read my blog post on Trans by Jansport backpacks. Anyways, Jansport is a brand that is well known for making backpacks. There is a Latin root in the ‘port’ part of the word. Porto, portare, portavi, portatus, a, um is a verb in Latin, and its definition is “to carry”. What do you do with backpacks? You carry them. Boom, that’s another unexpected connection to Latin.


Nike is one of the biggest retailers for sportswear, shoes, and other athletic wear for athletes. I get all of my sneakers and tennis shoes from there. However, there is a little bit of history behind Nike’s ‘swoosh’ logo. The woman, who created the logo, designed it to look like, both, a swoosh and a wing. And, on top of that, Nike was an Ancient Greek goddess who was the goddess of victory. One of her symbols were wings, just like the brand Nike uses today. Nike (the brand) has a smart marketing strategy because they sponsor a lot of athletes who are considered to be winners. For example, one of the best athletes, in my opinion, is 3-time World champion and Olympic Gold medalist Allyson Felix, who is sponsored by Nike. This makes people feel like Nike is a brand for winners. And, if you thought that this is the only correlation you could find between Nike and Ancient Rome, you’re wrong. Nike also has a line of running shoes, for both men and women, called Nike Pegasus. Nike Pegasus shoes have been out for a little over thirty years and have provided most runners the comfort and support that they need for their feet to be able to run to the best of their ability. They are also designed to provide agility, like it’s Ancient Greek namesake, according to this article. Who knew that Nike used a goddess known for victory and sneakers named after a mythological Ancient Greek creature?

Trans by Jansport


In Latin, the word trans can mean across, on the opposite side, or beyond. JanSport has a backpack that fits all three definitions. Their line of backpacks are called Trans by JanSport. It is a backpack meant for anything and everything, according to JanSport. You can take it to class or even use it for camping! If you fit the Latin definition, you could say you can take this backpack beyond your classroom. You could also say you can take it across the world because of its durability. Basically, this backpack can be used for normal everyday things, such as school, or unique opportunities, like winter sports or any outdoors activity.  Currently, most retailers sell this backpack for around thirty dollars. That’s on the opposite side  of what most outdoor backpacks retail for, it’s half the price! You can get your Trans by JanSport backpack online, at JanSport’s official website or Amazon, or in Target or other stores.


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