Las Vegas Shooting

On October 1, 2017, one of the worst mass shootings occurred in the United States of America. The shooter, Stephen Paddock, killed himself after injuring, and killing, over 550 people during the finale of a concert in Las Vegas. In the aftermath, many people had things to say about the gunman.¬†Mayor Carolyn Goodman described the gunman as “a crazed lunatic full of hate” ( News stations reported that Paddock acted alone and was not a terrorist. In the following days, social medias exploded, saying that he was a terrorist. Below is a screenshot from Snoopdogg’s Instagram page as one example.fullsizeoutput_31e

However, this leads to me asking myself what a terrorist truly is. A terrorist is someone who uses violence and targets civilians, according to a few dictionaries. So, doesn’t that make Stephen Paddock a terrorist? In my opinion, it does. How does this reference back to Latin? The word terrorist comes from the French word terroriste.¬†The word terroriste was used for people in the French Revolution who used violence to strive towards gaining independence from the monarch and setting up a democracy. And where does terroriste come from? It comes from the Latin word terrorem. The definition for terrorem means cause of fear or object of fear, which comes from the Latin verb terrere. Terrere means to frighten. And boom, that’s a connection from our Modern world to the Ancient.


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Religious Persecution

Wherever there has been more than one religion, religious persecution has existed. From the Ancient Romans up to today, 2017, a lot of religious groups have been targeted, hated upon, and persecuted. The Ancient Romans persecuted Christians, and we’re slowly beginning to persecute Muslims, or people who have Islamic beliefs. However, the way we persecute Muslims is completely different from the way the Ancient Romans persecuted Christians.

In Ancient Rome, followers of Christianity were often prosecuted and punished; death was often their punishment. The first emperor who targeted them was Emperor Nero. Emperor Nero ordered Christians to be rounded up and killed. Some ways Christians were killed were: being torn apart by dogs, being burnt alive as human torches, hung by their hands, using hooks, with weights fastened to their feet, hunted like wild animals, and many more disturbing ways.

Today, the way we ‘prosecute’ is different. Recently, there have been terrorist attacks in the U.S. Many people are starting to have a misconception that Muslims are terrorists. This makes them Islamophobic, or scared of followers of Islam. Along with this, hate on Muslims has been increasing. There have been a lot of shootings at mosques. It doesn’t help that our current president, Donald Trump, is contributing by making generalizations and accusing them of doing unbelievable and inhumane things. One thing some Islamophobic people do is accuse a woman of hiding a bomb underneath her hijab; which is disrespectful and insulting to Islam itself, because Islam means peace.

Even though we don’t physically torture Muslims, our hate against them is much stronger than the Ancient Romans’ hate for Christians (thus making it mental harassment). In fact, what most people don’t understand is that we are all victims of this. Most Muslims aren’t bad people and segregating them, accusing one religious group of being the cause and source of a problem is a pretty dumb thing to do.

Just look at history.